Fermenstation is selected as a finalist in L’ORÉAL Big Bang Japan 2023, a technology scouting event hosted by L’ORÉAL

Fermenstation Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; Lina Sakai, CEO) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a finalist in L’ORÉAL Big Bang Japan 2023, a technology scouting event organized by L’ORÉAL Japan (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; Jean Pierre Charriton CEO).

In this event, L’ORÉAL Research & Innovation targets sustainable raw materials and ingredients based on cutting-edge technologies such as innovative biotechnologies and eco-friendly manufacturing technologies. The uniqueness, functionality and storytelling of our raw materials and our fermentation upcycling technology were highly evaluated, and thus nominated as a finalist.

Through this event, Fermenstation will accelerate the realization of a renewable society via cooperation with L’ORÉAL , which leads the beauty industry as the global No. 1.

■Fermenstation’s technology
In Japan, bioeconomy that utilizes microorganisms or other types of living organisms for sustainable production of plant-based chemicals is positioned as prioritized technologies for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. As an alternative option to the conventional biomanufacturing approach targeting cost-competitiveness and purity by genetically modified microorganisms, Fermenstation offers composite materials with uniqueness, and functionality by combination of non-genetically modified microorganisms (non-GMO) and chemical property of targeted unused biomass.

More details for our technologies and raw materials evaluated in this event can be found on our website.
Development of original materials based on fermentation upcycling technology
Raw materials

Fermenstation creates essential ingredients and materials that are friendly to people and the earth from unused biomass all based on its proprietary fermentation technology. Making effective use of unused biomass in a world in search of sustainable methods, Fermenstation is solving such issues through its Fermentation Upcycling Platform. We provide industries searching for ways to utilize its waste as well as find alternate materials that could replace petrochemical materials. We unleash the potential of fermentation to create a Renewable Society.
Fermenstation is a B Corp certified company an international certification system that Recognizes companies whose business activities generate multifaceted and comprehensive benefits for local communities, the environment, customers, and employees.

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