Fermenstation’s organic rice ethanol has been certified as organic cosmetic ingredient.

February 26th, 2020

January 2020, Fermenstation ‘s rice ethanol (alcohol) obtained the COSOMOS certification as an organic cosmetic ingredient from ECOCERT, an organic cosmetic certification following the USDA organic certification in November 2019.

Fermenstation has so far recultivated abandoned farmlands in Oshu city, Isawa, cultivated JAS-certified organic rice and produced ethanol via fermentation and distillation processes in our own factory. Ethanol is widely used as raw material for cosmetics and aromatic products. However, there are very few ethanol products in the world that are certified as organic as well as traceable.

In the current global trend towards sustainability and traceability, domestically made organic ethanol is getting attention.. Furthermore, we produce no waste during our ethanol manufacturing process. Distillation residue is partly used as feeds for local poultry farmers and livestock farmers, resulting in a sustainable circulation system in the local community.

[ECOCERT certification]
ECOCERT group has a share of 75% in global organic cosmetics certification. They have track records in 85 countries, over 30,000 companies and 200,000 products. European certification authorities including ECOCERT has jointly established a standard named “COSMOS” to maintain the qualities of organic cosmetics making it a global standard with severe screening criteria.
To promote sustainable production and consumption, the organic and natural cosmetics industry has ruled the following principles for any industrial steps from raw material production to distribution:

– Promote the use of organic agricultural products and care for biodiversity.
– Responsible for the use of natural resources and care for the environment.
– Do not produce contaminants and promote manufacturing and processing considering human health and the environment.
– Introduce a “Green Chemistry” concept and develop it.

[Fermenstation Co., Ltd.]
Fermenstation is providing a solution to upcycle and circulate unused biomass using its proprietary fermentation technology. Our solutions range from manufacturing and sales of cosmetic raw materials to co-development of original materials. Utilization of unused biomass such as food waste, non-standard agricultural products, and abandoned farmland remains to be solved. However, to overcome this issue, a solution capable of upcycling a wide range of unused biomass to a variety of appropriate products is expected. Here, we provide a solution based on our fermentation technology platform that allows us to handle diverse unused biomass and turn them into value-added products.

Company name: Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
CEO: Lina Sakai
Headquarters: 2-20-2 Higashikomagata, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Oshu Laboratory: 573 Shimonawashirosawa, Esashiiwayadou, Oshu, Iwate
Established : July 7, 2009
– R&D and production of ethanol and fermented materials from food loss/waste and other unused biomass
– OEM/ODM cosmetics, home care goods
– Business creation utilizing unused resources
– Original organic clean beauty brand

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