Fermenstation’s organic cosmetic ingredient “Organic Rice fermented lees extract” is used for FLANNEL’s Japan-made body care brand “SWATi MARBLe”.

May 15th, 2023

Fermenstation Co., Ltd., a technology-based startup attempting to establish a renewable society through its proprietary fermentation upcycling technology, provides cosmetic ingredient “rice fermented lees extract” for Japan-made body care brand “SWATi MARBLe” released from FLANNEL Co., Ltd. The product of this brand will be released on May 19, 2023.

Fermenstation has been manufacturing organic rice ethanol and fermented lees (distillation residue) from JAS-organic rice as organic raw materials which had been certified by USDA and COSMOS ECOCERT. Ethanol is produced only from domestic raw materials and ours is the only ethanol that is obtained organic certification in Japan. In the current global trend towards sustainability and traceability, domestically made organic ethanol is getting attention.

The “Rice Fermented Lees Extract” is produced via the extraction with plant-based organic solvent from fermented lees generated after the fermentation of JAS-certified organic rice. It contains a large amount of ceramides and amino acids, resulting in a moisturizing function. Moreover, rice fermented lees extract is developed based on sustainable principles and manufacturing method. Actually, organic rice, starting material for fermentation, is harvested from recultivated rice paddies that used to be abandoned farmland. In our manufacturing factory, the amount of water use has been reduced and the process is powered by renewable energy 100% considering for environment.

[ A body care brand “SWATi MARBLe from FLANNEL” ]
“SWATi MARBLe” is a Japan-made body care brand with its concept “Heart and body. For its future to be prosperous.” It provides time-saving body care items that can works in 2 or 3 ways and with scents of “ANISE JASMINE” and “TEA GRASS” not only the maintenance of your body but your heart is made prosperous. Fermenstation’s rice fermented lees extract is used as a common ingredient for the brand.

[ Fermenstation Co., Ltd. ]
Fermenstation is providing a solution to upcycle and circulate unused biomass using its proprietary fermentation technology. Our solutions range from manufacturing and sales of cosmetic raw materials to co-development of original materials. Utilization of unused biomass such as food waste, non-standard agricultural products and abandoned farmland remains to be solved. However, to overcome this issue, a solution capable of upcycling a wide range of unused biomass to a variety of appropriate products is expected. Here, we provide a solution based on our fermentation technology platform that allows us to handle diverse unused biomass and turn them into value-added products.

Company name: Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
CEO: Lina Sakai
Headquarters: 2-20-2 Higashikomagata, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Oshu Laboratory: 573 Shimonawashirosawa, Esashiiwayadou, Oshu, Iwate
Established: July 7, 2009
– R&D and production of ethanol and fermented materials from food loss/waste and other unused biomass
– OEM/ODM cosmetics, home care goods
– Business creation utilizing unused resources
– Original organic clean beauty brand

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