Fermenstation Co., Ltd. has obtained a USDA organic certification for certified organic aroma products. Launched OEM/ODM of certified organic aroma products for fashion and lifestyle brands.

October 13th, 2021

Fermenstation Co., Ltd., a technology-based startup trying to establish a renewable society by a proprietary fermentation upcycling technology, has obtained an organic certification on our organic aroma products through USDA organic certification program (NOP: National Organic Program). We launched OEM/ODM of certified organic aroma products for fashion and lifestyle brands.

[ Expansion of our organic certified products: organic rice ethanol and ferment lees ] Fermenstation has so far manufactured organic ingredients, ethanol, and ferment lees, with certification from USDA and ECOCERT COSMOS, applying a proprietary fermentation & distillation technology to our JAS-certified organic rice. In Japan, Fermenstation is the only supplier that produces ethanol from domestic resources and obtained a USDA organic certification.

[ OEM/ODM for natural and organic products ]
Fermenstation offers product development in various brands using our sustainable ingredients and manufacturing processes for natural/organic cosmetics and miscellaneous goods. The feature of Fermenstation’s OEM/ODM is total support from the planning of raw materials to product development allowing us to produce original products with a strong background story which is useful for sales promotion.

Here are the main features of our OEM/ODM:
1) Natural and organic formulation
2) Sustainable and clean product development
Total support from product development to sales promotion

[ USDA organic certification ]
Based on National Organic Program, USDA provides its criteria as follows:
– More than 95% comes from organic raw materials.
– Foods and other agricultural products are produced in permitted methodologies.
– Introduce agricultural methods using cultures, organisms, and apparatus which enables promoting resource circulation, and maintaining an ecosystem balance and biodiversity.
– The use of chemically synthesized fertilizers, radiation, and genetic engineering is prohibited.

[ Fermenstation Co., Ltd. ]
Fermenstation is providing a solution to upcycle and circulate unused biomass using its proprietary fermentation technology. Our solutions range from manufacturing and sales of cosmetic raw materials to co-development of original materials. Utilization of unused biomass such as food waste, non-standard agricultural products and abandoned farmland remains to be solved. However, to overcome this issue, a solution capable of upcycling a wide range of unused biomass to a variety of appropriate products is expected. Here, we provide a solution based on our fermentation technology platform that allows us to handle diverse unused biomass and turn them into value-added products.

Company name: Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
CEO: Lina Sakai
Headquarters: 2-20-2 Higashikomagata, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Oshu Laboratory: 573 Shimonawashirosawa, Esashiiwayadou, Oshu, Iwate
Established: July 7, 2009
– R&D and production of ethanol and fermented materials from food loss/waste and other unused biomass
– OEM/ODM cosmetics, home care goods
– Business creation utilizing unused resources
– Original organic clean beauty brand

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