Our Roots / Origins

Fermenstation comes from combining two thoughts/ideas; namely, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we can utilize the abundant waste that is around us?” and “How can we create a business that is both feasible and social?”
We have come a long way and encountering so many people.
It all started when I was seconded to a foundation when I was working at a large financial institution. There, I had the opportunity to work with a number of not-for-profit organizations (NPO) both in the US and Japan. The NPOs were tackling environmental, welfare, education, poverty and other numerous societal issues and I was fascinated by the people working there, making me we want to follow their path. But at the same time, as a finance professional, I also understood the importance of the role of business and its impact in society.
Having seen both worlds, for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, the desire to challenge a new business that addresses both business feasibility and societal issues became my next passion.
The other factor behind Fermenstation was my interest in environmental issues.
I was involved in a number of global infrastructure financing projects and particularly became interested in the environmental factors of energy projects. Also, feeling awkward at the room service meals during my business trips that I could not possibly finish, I became ever more conscious of how we can utilize resources more efficiently and to lead a more environment friendly life.
That is when I learned about fermentation technology.
By utilizing fermentation technology, I thought we can turn waste into something useful, or we can create a society where there is no futility, or by learning and applying such technology, we can run a business that addresses business feasibility and societal issues. With this in mind, I left my job of finance and entered the Tokyo University of Agriculture to study fermentation.
During my time at the Tokyo University of Agriculture, I met the rice farmers and the local government of Oshu, Iwate and became involved in a feasibility project that was experimenting on using foul rice paddies to create rice and ethanol using that rice. This project ignited the founding of Fermenstation.
And here we are today. And from here we will strive to realize the world of Fermenstation with our friends and colleagues sharing the same vision.
Fermenstation Co., Ltd. Lina Sakai Watanabe, CEO
Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
Lina Sakai Watanabe, CEO

Fermenstation is the terminal of all things fermented.

Fermenstation is a coined word by made up by combining fermentation and station.
We want to be a station where resources are transformed into something useful through fermentation technology.
We also believe that through fermentation, things will be transformed into something good and better. Fermenstation aspires to be such terminal of good.
drawing by Lina
drawing by Lina “Fermenstation – a station of all things fermented”
A station is where people and things meet.
Fermenstation is not only a station where resources are reborn into something new but is also a place where people meet and where new ideas and values are created.
We connected the letters together in one straight line, and at the same time, wanted each letter to stand by itself, just like each and every individual being a station on its own that links one society and station to another.
And for the letter “i”, we added a small flame on top, so that we can all be the shining light that will light each and one of us.
This flame also symbolizes the first flame we lighted using our very first rice ethanol.
It also shows our commitment and vision where we aspire to provide new ideas to life through many of our products to come.

a Renewable Society

With this phrase as our purpose,
we will find new value in unused resources and
build a society in which these are reborn, regenerated and circulated.
By passing through the “station” called Fermenstation,
our natural environment, our society, all the people involved,
and our stakeholders will continue to become better,
and it is our mission to create such a world,
making tomorrow a better place.
Fermenting a Renewable Society
Fermentation means to change organic matter through the action of microorganisms into something beneficial to humans.
We expanded this meaning and defined fermentation as changing various things in the world into something valuable.
Fermentation is at the heart of our company and a technology we excel at, but not only through our products, Fermenstation’s business by and in itself will act as the microorganism for the society and to aim to change the things we work on into something good and beneficial to us all.
And also by “fermenting”, we aspire to progress continuously and without interruption.
By “fermenting” the resources as well as the way people think, we will upcycle and transform them into something even better.
Fermenting a Renewable Society
We believe that it is important for businesses and societies not only to be sustainable, but to be reborn and to improve every time. We aim to create a business and society that is renewable.
Through the process of “renewing”, there lies many challenges but overcoming such hurdles and creating new value, we believe, is the rewarding factor and the beauty of our business.
Fermenting a Renewable Society
One of the interesting things about our business is that we have many touch points with societies inside and outside of Japan, starting from farmers who grow raw materials, businesses and to people from various communities and countries.
Being involved in communities is at the root of our business and we believe it is crucial to constantly maintain the point of views of the local communities and societies.