Company Name
Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Office
Center of Garage ground05, 1-16-3 Yokokawa Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Laboratory
2-20-2 Higashikomagata, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Oshu Laboratory
573 Shimonawashirosawa, Esashi iwayadou, Oshu, Iwate
July 7, 2009
  • R&D and production of ethanol and fermented materials from food loss/waste and other unused biomass
  • OEM/ODM Cosmetics, home care goods
  • Business creation utilizing unused resources
  • Original organic clean beauty brand
CEO : Lina Sakai Watanabe
COO : Shota Kitabatake
Outside Director : Kenta Kitsuka / global brain Investment Group Partner
Outside Director : Hiroko Endo / SX Capital. Inc. Managing Partner
About Lina
Lina holds a degree from the Department of Brewing and Fermentation Science at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. She has also graduated from the International Christian University. Prior to establishing Fermenstation, she worked at the Fuji Bank, Ltd. (currently, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.) and Deutsche Securities Inc.
Lina’s achievements include VIVA Technology 2022 Japan X France Startup Pitch Winner, Japan X France Startup Pitch Winner, Morning Pitch Special Edition 2023 etc.