a Renewable Society

Fermenstation is an R&D oriented company focusing
on circular society.
Through our fermentation technology, we aspire to contribute to the realization of a circular economy.

Our “Circular Society”
We utilize unused resources and produce ethanol through fermenting and distilling. Fermented residue is used as raw ingredients for cosmetic goods as well as animal feed for hen and cattle. Eventually, the manure produced as a result of the animal feed being consumed by the animals, it goes back to the fields and rice paddies, creating the perfect circle of a circular and sustainable society in coordination with the local communities. No other company has established such a sustainable circle of life.
Utilizing unused resources
Organic JAS certified rice produced by re-cultivating unused rice paddies
Utilizing foodwaste which is a byproduct from large food plants
Fermestation generates new value by utilizing unused resources.
Our core business in producing organic rice ethanol is founded upon our using organic rice produced from re-cultivated unused rice paddies. We are also creating new businesses through using food byproducts coming from large food and beverage factories. We deliver new value-added products through our original fermentation technology to create something new from what was only considered waste.
Ethanol production
Original material development
We produce ethanol fermenting and distilling from our 100% orginal yeast and koji. By using the same process and ingredients, we also produce and sell the fermented residue rice ferment lees (rice moromi). We can apply this technology and produce valuable materials from ingredients other than rice.
Although fermentation is familiar to many Japanese, it is not easy to attain the necessary production method and processes in order to be qualified cosmetic-grade. Fermenstation has enabled this through more than a decade of R&D, leveraging the agilitiness of our small-scale production system, being able to produce novel original materials.
Zero waste
Using fermented residue
Cosmetic ingredients with functionality
Animal feed high in nutrients
Fermented residue is a byproduct of fermentation. Fermenstation has been utilizing such residues by using them as cosmetic ingredients and animal feed. Our fermented residue produced as a byproduct of our alcohol production is rich in nutrients which includes the benefits of the yeast and koji as well as the organic whole bran rice. Such residue is an ideal animal feed in that it has a rich aroma enhancing the appetite of the livestock also benefiting the digestive system leading to quality manure.
What Fermenstation is all about through key words
Circular society
Fair trade
Clean beauty
All natural
Ecologically conscious
Renewable energy
Say No! to animal testing
Fermenstation and Social Development Goals
Fermenstation supports social development goals