Fermenstation is a consulting firm that unites biomass and creative businesses. “Biomass with design”. We consult and develop unique small scale business systems that utilize locally produced biomass. We unite farming, and businesses within rural communities to create new products or ways to maximize such biomass.
We also develop our original products leveraging our know-how and expertise in fermentation and brewing technologies. Moreover, we provide information regarding traditional brewing and fermentation technology.

Organization chart

Case Study

Create Regional circular system utilizing locally grown rice (Making biomass ethanol and animal feed from fermented residue)
Utilizing our core fermentation technology, we are making ethanol and animal feed from rice with the aim to create a small scale business system that works within a certain region. Ethanol will become ingredients for cosmetics and aroma therapy related products, whereas fermented residue will become an ideal source for animal feed as well as ingredients for cosmetic products. Fermenstation markets and sells the ethanol and animal feed and also manufactures its own branded products. We also provide consulting services to those who are interested in creating such a circular economy within their own societies.
the beautiful rural landscape
A brand new product from the beautiful rural landscape
Communicate Brand development
We help our clients with their branding strategies so that they can maximize their product potential. Beginning from product naming to logo designs, we tailor to our customers’ exact needs and wants based on their expected budget and timing. We provide one-stop consulting from creating visual aids to websites to brand creation. We will help our clients get their message to their prospective customers.
From product to packaging to creating visual aids

Company description

Company Name
Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
Room08 1-16-3 Yokokawa Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 130-0003
Oshu Laboratory
141-1 Motosugi, Maesawa, Oshu, Iwate
phone : 0197-47-5917
Lina (Sakai) Watanabe
July 7, 2009
Yen 14 million
Financial Institutions
Bank of Iwate, MUFJ, Seibu Shinkin Bank
Our Services
[Biomass Solutions]
Consultation on utilizing unused biomass, ethanol production, animal feed production. We also provide consultation on producing aromatic products, feasibility studies and co-development projects. Brewing and fermentation information.

[Creative Department]
Brand consulting, design development, product naming to logo design creation, packaging design, website development and PR related creative products

The origin of our name

The origin of our name
By combining fermentation and station, we created Fermenstation.

Fermentation has been around for thousands of years and has evolved alongside with mankind. Fermentation also means “new ideas coming and maturing”. We hope that by utilizing this old and new technology, people, cities and rural communities all the same become a new station where they can connect with people beyond its own borders.

Let’s create a new and exciting world through fermentation!
About our logo
Our logo design originates from our founding project based in Iwate, Japan.
We linked all the letters together by one straight line, and at the same time, wanted each letter to stand by itself just like each and every individual should be a station that links one society to another.
And for the very last letter, we added a small flame on top of the “I” so that we can all be the shining light that will light each and one of us.
This flame also stands for the very first flame when we lighted our first ethanol lamp using our very first rice ethanol.
It also shows our commitment and vision where we aspire to provide new ideas to life through many of our products to come.
Fermenting a Renewable Society…

Fermenstation : Cultivating Cozy Living

Cultivate is a word that is the origin of culture.
Since the introduction of farming into Japan, Japan has evolved around a culture that is based on tilling its rich soil and harvesting its riches in autumn and thanking mother nature by holding festivals.
Fermenstation makes ethanol from rice which is most representative of all forms of farming in Japan. As part of our mission, we created a new brand, Fermenstation, so that we can bring to every household a cozy and comfortable living. Imagine a soft light made from the golden rice fields of Japan so that all our life will be filled with riches and coziness.

A word from the president

Fermentation is a fascinating technology where you can see with your own eyes see one thing turn into a completely different thing as a result of microorganisms. I look forward to working with anyone who has the will and passion to make a difference in their own communities.
Preserving the beautiful rural communities not only in Japan but globally and to help create projects that promote locally sustainable societies is my goal. Also promoting exchange between the city life and rural life through these projects is something I aspire.
Lina (Sakai) Watanabe
President and Representative Director
Lina (Sakai) Watanabe

Graduated from International Christian University and Tokyo University of Agriculture. Prior to establishing Fermenstation, Lina has worked at Fuji Bank., Ltd. (Currently Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.), and Deutsche Securities.

She is The Entrepreneur Awards Japan (TEAJ) Finalist and was awarded The DBJ 3rd Women Entrepreneurs New Business Plan Competition, Special Innovation Award and the British Business Award 2014 (Community Contribution).
Her Products received Social Products Award 2014.
Favorite microorganism: Aspergillus oryzae
Favorite fermented drink: beer
Aki Tomura
Creative Director
Aki Tomura

Aki begun her career as a sumie artist in 1988 performing globally. Aki then switched to become a designer in 2004. As a creative director, Aki provides brand consultation and design direction to her clients. She joined Fermenstation in 2015 being responsible for its brand development and logo design, product naming, catalog and website creation. Aki has been involved with Fermenstation since 2012.
From naming to design, original product development Aki provides a wide range of consulting services from concept creation to packaging and PR.
Other activities include writing and publishing, art director for design events such as “DESIGN TIDE”. Aki has been awarded many creative awards globally.
Favorite fermented foods: katsuo-bushi (fermented bonito) and amazake (fermented rice drink)
  • 2001 Grand Prix, LIAA London International Advertising Awards
    (Food Package Design Category)
  • 2003 Finalists, LIAA London International Advertising Awards
    (Pharmaceuticals Package Design Category)
  • 2005 How magazine design award (logo design Category)
  • 2005 ReBrand design award
  • 2006 Grand Prix, Davey Awards (logo design Category)
  • 2006 Grand Prix, I.D magazine Annual (Concept Category)
  • 2009 SDAJapan Sign Design Association